• Kraft Paper Slip Sheet for 600kg-2000kg
  • Kraft Paper Slip Sheet for 600kg-2000kg
  • Kraft Paper Slip Sheet for 600kg-2000kg
  • Kraft Paper Slip Sheet for 600kg-2000kg
  • Kraft Paper Slip Sheet for 600kg-2000kg
  • Kraft Paper Slip Sheet for 600kg-2000kg

Kraft Paper Slip Sheet for 600kg-2000kg

Material: Paper
Thickness: 0.6-2.0mm
Push Pull Side: Slip Sheet
Paper: Kraft
Dimension: Customerization
Color: Brown
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Jiangsu, China
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
slip sheet
Pallet with Strength Film Wrapping Around
Load Capacity
Free Option
Transport Package
Pallet and Strength Film
China, Suzhou
Production Capacity

Product Description

Load 0 ~ 1500KG. According to the load requirements of customers, customer product design to produce load-bearing requirements for

Slip sheet of paper, make the best use, avoid waste and reduce costs.
Material: imported cattle card
Color: Natural Year Card
Thickness: 0.9 mm ± 5%
Density: g / ± 15:700
Tear resistance: KN / m:
Aiong: 60
Across: 18
Absorbent Cobb, Imin
G / sqm rh50% 23C: 25
Kraft Paper Slip Sheet for 600kg-2000kg
Kraft Paper Slip Sheet for 600kg-2000kg

Investment costs:
you only need to buy a push-pull control devices installed in your company has a forklift, you can match with the sliding pallet operation.
Sliding Device market price in general is about 6-7 million yuan, which is a one-time investment costs. Because the slip sheet tray unit price per square unit price is 20%. If you use the slip sheet, we can immediately reduce the cost of 80%. If your company purchases the original use of pallets in the 500 / month, and replaced with slip sheet, you can save each month working on material costs at least 2 million. 5 months after the device can recover the cost of this push and pull sets, and annual savings of 240,000 yuan in the next turnover costs.
Applications: Suitable for the following typical conditions
Bagged goods (such as cement, grain, chemicals, etc.)
Cartons of goods (such as cartons, frozen food, electronic hardware, furniture, etc.)

Slip sheet system: This system requires use of the forklift with push-pull devices, transport and storage without the tray, ideal for export enterprises and large container shipping company working within the transport. This system has been developed in Europe, America and Japan, are widely used, due to unparalleled standards of this system, space-saving nature and cost of low-carbon environment. Will become final after the way of international transportation.

Advantages of paper skateboard
1.Materials: paper slip sheet made with high quality kraft paper with good tear resistance of wet and very strong.

2.Environmental Protection: the main material used in imported cattle card, glue and use of environmentally friendly materials and auxiliary materials are produced. Products, non-toxic, heavy metal is very low, in line with exports to Europe, America, Japan and other countries of the environmental standards, 100% Recycling

3.Economy: The cost of wooden pallets and paper tray of about 20%, about 5% of plastic pallets. Leaflet slip sheet is only about 1mm, 1,000 sheets of paper slip sheet and only one cubic meter, so they can make better use of container and space transport vehicles, effectively reducing the overall size and weight of goods, improve the loading rate, saving shipping costs.

4.clearance: In recent years, countries become more strict control of imported products and their packaging materials, environmental protection, particularly in Europe and America and other developed countries very strict requirements
. For exports of ordinary wooden pallets used in fumigation are required to produce documents. green slip of paper pallet fumigation Needless to documents, items for the export exemption. simplify import and export customs clearance.

5Load: slip sheet paper imported kraft paper with high strength, light and strong load-bearing. To advanced manufacturing processes, so that slip of paper pallet can withstand a greater load: 800 ~ 1500KG or higher (according to customer requirements of the load-bearing design. )

6.Magnetic: with paper, water-soluble glue as raw materials, without any metal nails chip, the electronic products without any magnetic interference.

7.Light: a millimeter thick. Relatively wooden pallets, plastic pallets, light weight and small size. Warehouse space and cost savings.

8.Size: according to customer requirements of different loads, different product specifications, design and production to more customers, more satisfied with the product.


Kraft Paper Slip Sheet for 600kg-2000kg

Produces the commodity name Thickness (mm) Load-bearing (kg)

Paper Slip Sheet
0.6 0 _300
0.9 300_900
1.2 900_1200
1.5 1200_1500

Plastic Slip Sheet
0.6 0_600
0.7 600_900
0.8 900_1200
1 1200_1500

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